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Hospitality Industry

PVC Cling Film – Food Wrap

More Value – More Freshness

PVC cling film food wrap, is a thin plastic typically used for sealing food items in containers to keep them fresh over a longer period of time. Importing PVC Cling from Malaysia and have a sole Agent and Distributer of TG Power Wrap Malaysia SDN BHD.

  • Food conduct safety
  • Excellent Cling Effect
  • Anti Fogging & Oxygen Permeability Excellency
  • Long-lasting corrosion protection
  • Enable to keep foods fresh at a longer period
  • Excellent Tensile Strength & Elongation
  • All Kinds of foods, fruits, vegetables, fishes, meat, poultries
  • Food Factories
  • Grocery Shops of supermarkets
  • Packaging Mills
  • House hold
  • Width:300mm, 450mm
  • Length:300 / 200 / 75 mtrs
  • Thickness:10micron
  • Color:Clear Transparent/yellowish

Chafing Gel ( Burning Fuel )


It contains Methanol, an energetic fuel giving heat combustion 1300KJ/mol. Can be used SAFELY indoors. Especially developed for Hotels, Restaurants and Banquets/ Marriage Halls.

  • Light weight in size
  • Burning Time is High
  • Competitive Price
  • Clean Burning
  • Safe Burning
  • Portable heat resource
  • Ready available stock
  • Efficient for use in Chafing dishes
  • keeps the food at a stable temperature
  • House hold
  • Also used for emergency heating or outdoor cooking.
  • Weight: 200gm/can (Net Wt)
  • Packaging: 72 Cans/Ctn
  • Smell: No

Polyoli Film (POF)

Packing Signature for Industries

Shrink wrap is applied loosely around an item and shrinks tightly with heat.

Polyolefins are used in a variety of industries including: automotive, cosmetics, adhesives, packaging and more. Poyolefin shrink film is the most common form of film used in the packaging industry.

Polyolefin shrink film is an all purpose heat shrink wrap, ideal for high speed machines as well as manual and semi automatic machines.

Polyolefin is a better choice for packing the products.

  • Size: All Sizes available
  • Micron:15 & 20 Microns

PE Stretch Film

Symbol for Firm Packing

Stretch wrap film is a highly stretchable plastic film that is wrapped around items. The elastic recovery keeps the items tightly bound. It is frequently used to unitize pallet loads but also may be used for bundling smaller items.


  • Machine Rolls
    • Microns:17 – 23 Mic
    • Length:1500 – 1700 Mtrs
    • Width:500MM
  • Hand Rolls
    • Microns:17 – 23 Mic
    • Length:300 Mtrs
    • Width:500MM

Products are in Pipeline:

Aluminium Products

Food Safety / Carry partner

  • Aluminum Foil Sheets / Rolls
  • Aluminum Boxes

Bakery / Confectionary Items

  • Chocolates ( Slabs, powder, chips)
  • Cherries
  • Pineapples
  • Fruit Cocktail
  • Bread Crumb

Adhesive Tapes

Vital element for Box Packaging

The tape is most often used as a closure for regular slotted containers or sealing corrugated fiber board boxes. It consists of a pressure-sensitive adhesive coated onto a backing material which is oriented to have strength in both the long direction and the cross direction.


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